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Company Profile,Shenzhen Freemax Tech Co.,Ltd
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Freemax Tech Co.,Limited is a professional manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, accessories . We operate a fully integrated business model that lets us take ideas from the concept stage through design, testing, production and marketing, giving unbeatable economy and responsiveness to customer demand.

Our design team keeps a clear goal in mind; to give customers innovative, affordable products that will bring some spice to their lives. We carefully watch the latest trends in electronic smoking substitutes, letting us build a product range that offers state of the art technology and consistent high standards.

Quality control is always among our top priorities and our market leading products have built a solid reputation for delivering a consistent, enjoyable user experience. There's a reason our atomizers are so popular among vapers; outstanding vapor volume, long coil life and no burnt taste - all down to our industry-leading design and manufacturing standards.
Each of our designs is thoroughly tested before going into production, and continuously updated in response to user feedback. Once production begins our quality control team oversee every stage of the process, ensuring that standards are maintained at the same high level from one batch to the next. Finally every item is inspected before packing to confirm that it meets specifications.

Our philosophy is simple: "Look forward, exploit innovation, keep improving." Only six words, but they open the door to a whole new world of consistently excellent vaping experience. We firmly believe electronic cigarettes are the future, but our mission is to bring you that future today.

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