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  • Q: Q1. What’s an e-cigarette? 15/08/2017
    A: A1: An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered vaporizer which simulates the feeling of smoking, but without burning tobacco. The three main types of e-cigare... More
  • Q: Q2: How to protect and prevent the burning taste wh.. 15/08/2017
    A: A2: Please make sure to leave the atomizer alone for at least 1-2 minutes after injection or just drip a few drops e-juice directly to atomizer coil head so as ... More
  • Q: Q3: What could we do if the atomizer leaks from the.. 15/08/2017
    A: A3: If the e-juice is leaking from mouthpiece, firstly, please make sure the e-liquid was not filled into the air pipe. Secondly, please check if the sealing O-... More
  • Q: Q4: How to protect the batteries & MODs? 15/08/2017
    A: A4: Please fully charge the battery or mods before use it, don’t use when it Shows low-power or powered almost out, power off the battery of mods when not use,... More
  • Q: Q5: Does FreeMax atomizers suitable to connect to b.. 15/08/2017
    A: A5: FreeMax all atomizers can work with any batteries and mods in market within their working wattages. Please assure working wattage for atomizeris within allo... More
  • Q: Q6: Which FreeMax coil can be compatible with each .. 15/08/2017
    A: A6: 1) These atomizer coils are compatible with each other: Starre Tank/ Starre Pro /Scylla Tank/ Scylla Mini Tank/ Scylla SV/ Fat Scylla SV 2) Kanthal coil/ ... More
  • Q: Q7: How to produce more vapors? 15/08/2017
    A: A7: To produce more vapor, please notice the tips below1) Airflow:Smooth airflow induction is necessary,more airflow across the coil means more liquid and oxyge... More