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Ni200 Temp Control Coils
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Ni200 Temp Control Coil

Product Features

Freemax uses Japanese organic cotton to wick the coils to better wick liquid,be sanitary ,very functional and great flavor.
Freemax also silver plated pins in the coils for superb connection and performance .
Because of these high quality materials, the Freemax Ni200 Coil Heads provides huge Vapor, pure taste,and excellent compatibility with high powered devices.

About Replacing the Coil
1.Unscrew the bottom airflow control base;
2.Unscrew and remove the old coil head.
3.Drip few drops of e-liquid into the new coil head to wet the cotton wick.
4.screw the base into the tank and refill with e-liquid.
4.Keep the tank upright for 2 to 5 minutes after refilling to help prime the e liquid.
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