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Freemax Scylla Mini Tanks
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Freemax Scylla Mini Tank

Product Features
Freemax Scylla Mini Tank HD Instruction Video:

Scylla Mini is an exciting new design tank system made by Freemax Tech.
Food grade ceramic coil (FGCC) is a major leap forward in sub ohm tank technology.
The vastly improved TOP REFILL design makes it easier for you to use.
Vapor Thermal insulation drip tip and classic Freemax Air Flow Control system make up
 the best vapor cooling system. This new exciting design also features
 an anti spit-back design that is problem-free when vaping.

1. Food Grade Ceramic Coil
The FGCC (Food Grade Ceramic Coil) is the first ceramic coil in sub ohm tank in the world. The healthiest option for vaping.

2. Long Life-Span of Ceramic Coil
Due to the high endurance of ceramic from temperature and electricity, the life span of FGCC is 3 to 5 times compared
 to Kanthal/Nichrome/Ni200 sub ohm coils. This will help you save on replacement coil costs.

3. Pure taste, no dry hits
The Freemax Starre Tank Series receives high praises on flavors ... the Scylla Mini inherits
those design characteristics, and improves on those. Ceramic has the excellent ability
of e-liquid absorption and atomization, e-liquid is fully transformed into vapor with unmatched pure flavor!

4. Huge Vapor Clouds
With sub ohm resistance, the ceramic coils absorbs and transform e-liquid into huge
vapor clouds. Compared to other brand atomizers, Freemax tanks are noticeably huge
vapor clouds and why users rave about Freemax tanks.

5. Vapor
The Freemax Scylla Mini provides a large airflow control ring at the bottom, to quickly control the internal temperature.
The Vapor Thermal insulation drip tip provides excellent heat insulation to keep the inhaled vapor cool.

6. Huge airflow, six increments of air holes, single adjustment ring available.
Scylla Mini is designed with huge air flow holes, and provides six size increments for airflow.The air flow is adjusted with
a single twist of the hand to meet vaper's preferred air flow setting. This is the exclusive feature of Freemax Tech, and this is the best design of Airflow Control.

7. TOP Refill Design
Scylla Mini has the easiest method fill e-liquid from the top, you won鈥檛 need remove the tank from the battery when you've vaped your e-liquid.

8. Anti-leaking design
The bottom features an Anti-leaking design so that you remain trouble-free when refilling and vaping.

 9. Anti Spit-back design
 Anti Spit-back  design that is problem-free when vaping.

10. Outstanding range of working wattage
Scylla Mini Tank is compatible with most mechanical mods and Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage battery (>20W) in the market.
When you use Temperature Control coils, you can use temperature control function. Compared to other models in the market,
Scylla Mini has better compatibility, better consistency.

11. High grade, healthier materials
The Scylla Mini tank is made of 316 Grade Stainless Steel.We use only medical or food grade materials, for a healthier vape experience.

12. Replaceable
Each part on the Scylla Mini Tank can be easy replaced. And we have put replacement glass and o-rings in the kit for vapers.

13. Attractive and Appealing Design
The Scylla Mini Tank is designed with a clean and sleek look. Perfect when matching the box mods.

14. Multiple Testing
The Scylla Mini is tested to strict standards: IQC test, IPQC test, OQA test, flavor test, matching test, life-span test, transportation test, etc.
Scylla Mini has passed international Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC.
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